About us


aboutpageAt Chiltern Programmes, we pride ourselves in providing an impressively wide range of vintage football programmes. Where other companies bulk-buy issues, we favour variety over sheer quantity and stock thousands of different publications.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. If we personally cannot offer what you’re looking for, we’ll guide you to where you may be able to acquire what you want.

Why choose Chiltern Programmes?
In having no other professional commitments, owner and football fan Andrew Moore is able to devote more of his time to running Chiltern Programmes.

“We buy programmes from a number of sources and try to ensure they are clean and free from any major imperfections,” he says.

“Although we do as best as we can, some issues (particularly those from the 1950s and 1960s) may have a number of signs of previous ownership including annotations, signs of coupons being removed, evidence of folding, creasing and other such general wear. Even so, despite the enormous range of stock we possess, we try to be vigilant in examining our items.”

Chiltern Programmes concentrates largely on matches played in England, Scotland and Wales, but also includes many internationals and a small number of programmes from football clubs overseas.